The starship Daedalus, registry NX-117, was the first Daedalus-class starship ever constructed, as well as the first official Federation starship. Secretly constructed at the Warp-7 Complex orbiting over Seattle, Daedalus was the most ambitious starship project of the 22nd Century. It featured the first ever Warp-7 capable engine, Multi-Phasic Lasers (more advanced than phase cannons, Lasers for short) and a primitive energy shield system in addition to the most advanced form of polarized hull plating. (Star Trek: Poseidon - The Birth of the Federation)


When the ship was launched in 2162, it was under classified circumstances. Commodore Kyle Weymark launched Daedalus ahead of schedule in order to assist the crew of the NCC-07, Poseidon in stopping a threat perpetrated by Terra Prime. Weymark, after leaving the ship, realized that he soon had a mutiny on his hands, as the assigned first officer was an agent of the human supremacist group. After a short firefight, Poseidon managed to disable Daedalus with help from assistant designer Weymark, and sent a landing party and MACO contingent aboard the ship to recover alien crew members and loyal-to-Starfleet humans, as well as apprehend the remaining members of Terra Prime.


Captain Ian Peters and his landing party secured portions of the ship, while the other team, lead by MACO 1st Lieutenant Chris Clow, found the horrors perpetrated to the alien crew members. Many bodies, much of them desecrated in some way, were found to have been brutally tortured and murdered. Clow even found a dead Klingon aboard, a very unusual sight aboard a 22nd century Earth ship. When Clow's team entered the ship's observation lounge, they prevented the murder of MACO officer Elran, who joined them in their mission to secure the ship.

Retaking, and DestructionEdit

Using the element of surprise, Captain Peters' and Lieutenant Clow's teams retook the bridge of the ship. After apprehending those who were in charge of the plot, Admiral Black (a Terra Prime agent) activated the self destruct mechanism while being pursued by Captain Peters. Before Peters could reach him however, he was beamed back aboard Poseidon as the ship was destroyed.


In the wake of the ship's destruction, Starfleet began brainstorming a more concentrated effort for a ship fully representing the Federation. These initial meetings eventually evolved into the Constitution-class starship.

Commodore Weymark was demoted to Captain for his actions, and was subsequently killed after assuming command of Poseidon in Captain Peters' absence. 1st Lieutenant Clow was promoted and given a commission change to Commander, and became Poseidon's executive officer.

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