The Daairiam were a species native from the planet Daair in the Almatha sector.

The Daairiam had bluish, delicately veined skin, thin foreheads and long, slender noses. Their large eyes contained two irises, side-by-side, in a horizontal hourglass shape. Their eye colors ranged from pale blue and gray to soft yellow and brown. They had delicate eardrums allowing them to distinguish nearly 200 different octaves, which helped make them efficient engineers.

The Daairiam developed the technology to travel within their own system but never ventured beyond it. By 1816 their civilization reached its height. In 1837, they captured a Cardassian scoutship exploring the system and were able to reproduce warp technology. The Daairiam built a number of scout vessels and went to the Cardassian Union and offered an alliance. The Cardassians unaware that the Daairiams did not possess technology equal or better than their own accepted the offer and the Daairiam became Union affiliates. Since that time they have become a highly valued member of the Union.

The Daairiam were ruled by an absolute theocracy. Their leader was known as the Dalmai (God-Emperor). The Dalmai had a harem who gavie birth to dozens of heirs who fight to earn his favor and the position of Emperor-Designate.

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