D'nas served as flight controller of the USS Independence (NCC-77199) and USS Independence (NCC-67091). (Star Trek: Independence)

Early lifeEdit

D'nas was born on Tama in 2356.

Educational yearsEdit

At the age of 12, D'nas heard of the Picard and Dathon at El Adrel incident. He became very interested in the Federation and studied how "off-worlders" communicated. Unlike most of his people, he was able to understand the strange use of language. His government soon identified him as a useful asset and sent him to the Tamarian Space Forces.

Tamarian Space ForcesEdit

Beginning in 2371, he served on a Tamarian cruiser near Federation space. In 2375, he was selected to participate in an exchange officer program with the Federation.

USS Independence (NCC-77199)Edit

The Federation Norway-class ship USS Budapest transported him from Tamar to Starbase 375 in late 2375. Admiral Boral assigned him to the newly commissioned USS Independence for his one-year tour in the exchange program.

USS Independence (NCC-67091)Edit

In late October of 2376, the remaining crew of the former USS Independence received special dispensation from Starfleet Operations to rename the Jaap Penraat to Independence.

Though his time in the exchange program was nearly complete, D'nas served as the flight control officer of this new Independence for over 3 months before returning to Tama.


  • 2356: Born on Tama
  • 2368: Learns of successful Federation communication
  • 2371: Enters Tamarian Space Forces
  • 2375: Selected for officer exchange program with the Federation
  • 2375: Assigned to the USS Independence (NCC-97650)
  • 2376: Assigned to the USS Independence (NCC-67091) as helm officer
  • 2376: Returned to the Tamarian Space Forces

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