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D'Sefet's Cat House, the logs of Federation Installation Nine is a fan fiction series following Commander D'Sefet aboard Federation Installation Nine, an abandoned Kzinti Churga-class space station located in a star system on the border between Federation and Kzinti space.


After the Dominion War in 2378, the Federation and the Kzinti peacefully redrew their common border. In order to promote an understanding between the races of the Federation and the Kzinti Tigermen, it was decided to reactivate the station and "cat" it with a mixed Starfleet/Kzinti crew. A Saber-class starship has been assigned to support Federation Installation Nine, USS Bastet (NCC-61456)



  • "FI9F" - Pilot - The basics of D'Sefet's Cat House!
  • "Boldy" - Episode 1 - We are on our way!
  • "Goboldy" - Episode 2 - Problems along the way.
  • "Settlepub"- Episode 3 - The Lion awakes!
  • "Kzinrret 1" - Episode 4 - Guess who is coming for dinner!
  • "Kzinrret 2" - Episode 5 - Guess who is coming for dinner!
  • "Goldrush" - Episode 6 - Boomtown, FI-9 style.
  • "Sgrush" - Episode 6a - Last collaboration with Shadow Hawk writers. Has Goldrush text in it.
  • "Catsaway" - Episode 7 - Old Slaver Problems.
  • "Renfair2" - Episode 8 - A journey to the past.
  • "Persis" - Episode 9 - Purrsistance is futile!
  • "Campm" - Episode 10 - Summer camp from hell!
  • "Bump" - Episode 11 - Looking for things that go bump in the night.
  • "Onetwo" - Episode 12 - One, Two many Doctor Selars!
  • "Orph" - Episode 13 - Orphans

Short stories & vignettesEdit

  • Sef1-1f - D'Sefet Introduction
  • Sefhistf - D'Sefet History
  • Selarinto - Selar History
  • Message 58-61 - 4 of 5 Introduction
  • 4 of 5 - 4 of 5 History
  • Bastspeck - USS Bastet History
  • Kzntilang1 - Kzinti language overview from a web site.
  • Xmax2 - A non-FI-9 'Christmas' Sci-Fi story told, as he heard it, by D'Sefet.

Canon and continuityEdit

The continuity of Federation Installation Nine include:

note: Although the trappings and terminology of the Star Trek and Man-Kzinti Wars Universes are used in the stories, most all content (characters, places, names) are original.

External linksEdit

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