"Cybernetic Showdown" was the eighty-sixth episode of Star Trek: Phoenix-X. It was the eleventh episode of the fourth season.


Omega is compelled, by a signal, to take control of the USS Phoenix-X and bring it to Fendaus V, where a revived Lore has adopted a planet-full of Mudd androids for his own devices. When learning of Omega's hidden Omega molecules, Lore attempts to take them for himself to use against organic-kind. Meanwhile, Captain Cell travels to Kavis Alpha IV to gain the help of Nanites.

Memorable quotesEdit

"If Omega just wanted to go here, he could have just asked? It was on our flight plan for this Friday."
"Your insides are funny, but mine are lethal."
"Just so you all know, I would drop my service here in a nano-second if the right female came along."

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