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The Curtis-class was a Federation light cruiser that saw service during the mid to later half of the 24th century. Only two Curtis-classes where built and both where built using the six decommissioned hulls of the Incom-class. The class was named for its somewhat eccentric designer Admiral D.J. Curtis. (Star Trek: Marine)


In 2350 it was decided that due to the Incom-class being unable to find a roll in Starfleet they were to be decommissioned and scraped after 37 years of service. Admiral Curtis unable to stomach the fact that the Incom was to be scraped so soon Curtis ordered that the decommissioned ships be brought to Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards were Curtis and his design team created new life for the old ships by designing a completely new ship class using the old ships as a base and parts this is also the reason the Primary Hull of both the Incom-class and the Curtis-class look so much alike.

Ships of the LineEdit

USS Edmonton (NCC-51905)Edit

Seahawk-Edmonton memorial

Edmonton memorial on Seahawk

The Edmonton was the first Curtis-class ship built, She was named for the head designers home town and was commissioned in 2359.

The Edmonton was destroyed in the Dominion War with its 557 crew part of the 7th Fleet. Her sister ship, the USS Seahawk, holds a piece of her salvaged paneling as a memorial to the fallen ship and her crew.

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