The Curry-class was a type of Federation starship in use during the 24th century.

The Ship Recognition Manual, Volume 1: The Ships of Starfleet refer to this class as a cruiser.

The Shelley-class shared many design features with the Excelsior-class namely the saucer section and engineering hull designs. The saucer section is mounted around the centre of the engineering hull such that the forward part of the engineering hull is the forward most part of the vessel.

The nacelles are similar to those used on the older Constitution-class. They are mounted on pylons that travel under the saucer section and swoop down so that the nacelles are in line with the engineering section.

The vessel has extensive shuttlebay facilities. This allowed the vessel to act as a fighter carrier or as an assault ship. (LUG RPG: Ship Recognition Manual, Volume 1: The Ships of Starfleet)

There are two variants of this class recognisable by the orientation of the nacelles. One variant has the nacelles mounted in the traditional fashion while the other has the nacelles mounted sideways. The vessels with the nacelles mounted sideways also have a second set of pylons connecting to the nacelles near the rear of the vessel.

Background informationEdit

  • No name was officially given to this type of ship. As the first vessel of this class was named the USS Curry, the class was named after that vessel. Shelley class has also been used to refer to this class of vessel.
  • Specifications from Ship Recognition Manual, Volume 1: The Ships of Starfleet.