The Curnow class tactical cruiser was a type of Federation starship on active duty during at least the late 23rd century. Construction of the class was authorized in December, 2287 and the first ships of the class were commissioned probably ca. 2289 or 2290. (Jackill's Starfleet Reference Manual: Ships of the Fleet, vol. 3)

The design lineage of the Curnows was derived from the Excelsior-class heavy cruisers. However, ships of the Curnow class had three warp nacelles of type LN-72 or similar: one on top just forward of the main impulse drive and the port and starboard nacelles on downward curving pylons connected to an extended impulse deck aft of the primary hull. Standard crew complement was 940 officers and crew plus 60 surface action specialists.

The secondary hull was similar to that of the upgraded Excelsior-class, with hull reinforcements on either side of the navigational deflector. (Jackill's Starfleet Reference Manual: Ships of the Fleet, vol. 3)

Curnow class starshipsEdit

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