Culyn Sulum was a Bajoran male active in the Federation Starfleet as a non-commissioned officer in the early 25th century. He held the rating of gunner's mate and was assigned to USS Bajor's Ordnance division. (Bait and Switch)


Culyn Sulum was a member of the Paqu tribe native to the Glyrhond Plateau, and followed the ancient Kenidu faith rather than the mainstream Bajoran religion. ("We Can Hope")

In January 2411, Culyn held the rank of chief petty officer. During an attack on the Borg in the Benthan sector, he warned the senior staff that Bajor only had ten neutronic torpedoes remaining. ("Brother on Brother, Daughter on Mother")

The next day, after Bajor had returned to Dyson Joint Command, he received a set of kitchen utensils from his wife's uncle. ("We Can Hope")

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