Crimson was the assistant to Regent. A young female, Crimson was once human but was given superhuman powers and abilities by Regent. Crimson served Regent up until the Destroyer was ready to assume his/its role. (Star Trek: The Section 31 Files)

Crimson was responsible for planting a piece of Novachron technology where Takila Mak would eventually obtain it, in the hands of a Ferengi trader. She also traveled back in time with Regent to the mirror universe's 22nd century, where they took away the futuristic starship USS Defiant from Empress Hoshi Sato.

When the crew of the Nosferatu was taken captive by Equity Corps and the Divine Celestial Imperium, Crimson tortured Korg with her sword, cutting out the Klingon's left eye. Regent intervened and prevented her from killing him.

Background informationEdit

Since the "Storm" trilogy, Crimson has not been seen. It is possible, although unconfirmed, that Crimson might have survived the destruction of the entire Divine Celestial Imperium.


  • "Crimson - The Key"
  • "In His Name"
  • "Knowledge is Power"
  • "The Gathering Storm"
  • "Storm Warning"
  • "Storm Break"

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