Dr. Crell Moset was a Cardassian scientist, an exobiologist who carried out horrific experiments on Bajor in the name of his trade reminiscent of those by Earth's Josef Mengele. Clues to his atrocities existed but were never put together by the Federation, but the nightmarish nature of his experiments was well known to Bajorans and those affiliated with the Maquis. He also served as the Chairman of the Exobiology department at the University of Culat. (VOY: "Nothing Human")

He claimed that some of his methods--used to cure the Fostossa virus epidemic on Bajor--were the result of a lack of resources on Bajor, claims that were repeated on in Starfleet's medical database, but experiments related by survivors of his cruelty cast grave doubt upon these claims. Examples of war crimes committed by Crell Moset included deliberately blinding patients to see how they would adapt, and burning the skin of Bajorans with acid just to see how long it took them to heal.

The vaccine against Fostossa virus, too, was tainted by his sadistic cruelty. To devise his cure, Moset ordered every known strain of the virus, but none of the compounds normally used to synthesize a vaccine. Instead, Moset caused an outbreak in the vicinity of his hospital and experimented on those that he himself had sickened. For this, he was awarded the Legate's Crest of Valor.

Medical Consultant Program Beta OneEdit

In 2375, The Doctor created a holographic simulation of Moset in order to get a cytoplasmic lifeform to detach itself from B'Elanna Torres. The holographic Moset proposed a treatment that would kill the lifeform--an unacceptable outcome considering that the lifeform was intelligent. While a non-lethal variation of the plan was eventually employed, this, combined with the Doctor's being confronted by Moset's atrocities, led the Doctor to delete the holographic version of Moset. VOY: "Nothing Human"

The fact that Voyager's computer devised a simulation so accurate to Moset's personality, to include his disregard for the value of life provides a puzzling contrast against the Starfleet officers' ignorance of his exact deeds, calling into question how it is that they would not have known, or at least why they did not consider any anecdotes they heard to be official.

Star Trek: Sigils and UnionsEdit

Not all Cardassian physicians approved of what Crell Moset had done. Some, such as Dr. Midzour Hetalc of the Sherouk, were deeply ashamed of the atrocities committed by Moset.

In the Star Trek: Sigils and Unions continuity, Moset is implied to be connected to the Cardassian Guard, possibly even an officer himself, since Hetalc is seen wearing the same medical garb that the holographic Moset wore. (Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order)

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