Starfleet began developing the Covert-class starship in 2378, after the return of the USS Voyager (NCC-74656). (Star Trek: Pioneer)


Starfleet researchers examined the improved ablative armor found on the ship, from which they developed deflective hull plating. The Federation Council almost stopped the project because of its similarities to the Defiant-class starships, but with the growing tensions in the Oralian sector and throughout the Alpha and Beta Quadrant, Starfleet Command convinced the Council to continue the project. Starfleet felt that the one class of starship they were missing was an effective combat scout vessel with a working cloaking device that did not violate the Treaty of Algeron of 2311. The result of all this was the Covert-class starship; Similar in size to a Defiant-class starship with the power of a Galaxy-class starship.


The first starship constructed under this new class design was the USS Ares (NX-19803), which deployed in 2382 and participated in some major events of the Coalition War. ("The Boolran Eye, Part 1")

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