The Courageous class supercarrier was a type of starship on active duty in Starfleet during the late 24th century (Dockyard Review 4:4 (October 2371): "The Courageous Class Shuttlecarrier: A Supercarrier for Starfleet")

The primary and secondary hulls were based on those of the Galaxy-class spaceframe, though the secondary hull had a "rollbar" attached in similar fashion to those attached to Avenger-class heavy frigates of the 23rd century.

The hangar facilities were the largest on any United Federation of Planets vessel since the Ariel-class and Fredrikstad-class carriers of the 23rd century. Fully loaded, a Courageous-class could carry almost 300 craft — including seven squadrons of Peregrine-class attack fighters, 30 50-person dropships, four Danube-class runabouts and another fifty shuttlecraft of various types.

Three vessels had been planned, though as of 2371, only the lead ship — USS Courageous — had been built.

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