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The Coronado class was a type of carrier fielded by the Federation Starfleet during the 23rd century. (Ships of the Star Fleet)

Thru-deck carrier coronado

USS Coronado NCC-1975 - Through-Deck Carrier

Thrudeckcarrier bennington

USS Bennington NCC-1978 Through-Deck Carrier

Thru-deck carrier oriskany

USS Oriskany NCC-1976 Through-Deck Carrier (refit)

Thru-deck carrier coronado upg lg

USS Coronado NCC-1975 Through-Deck Carrier (large drawings)

Drozana Station 2265

NCC-1975 - USS Coronado

NCC-1976 - USS Oriskany

NCC-1977 - USS Clemenceau

NCC-1978 - USS Bennington

NCC-1979 - USS Devonshire

NCC-1980 - USS Kiev

These ships were built, starting in 2256 through 2263, and were assigned to TacFleet. Their larger flight decks and middle hangar bay spaces allow them to operate large numbers of small-to medium-size craft from a typical cruiser-size hull. Later, certain ships were assigned to the Federation Colonization Fleet. Originally designed to carry fightercraft, they can also deploy large construction support craft and equipment, used for colonization.

The Devonshire is fitted with a "drop bay" on centerline in her main flight deck. This enables her to operate larger numbers of fightercraft than the other ships. It was installed after her assignment to TacFleet.

Engineering: Because the secondary hull is devoted almost exclusively to flight operations, the Coronado class is equipped with an expanded engineering section in the primary hull. All warp drive engineering functions are handled from this location.

Resource: From the original book - (Ships of the Star Fleet) (2290-2291) by Calon Riel