A new enemy is met.


While exploring a planet for edible plant life, Dr. Saunders, Hutch, and Lieutenant Astian are abducted by an Avkon Conglomeration hive ship.

Key eventsEdit

  • The crew encounter the Avkon Conglomeration. And a Alvonian hive ship.
  • It is revealed that Johann Astian is a Metaklite.
  • The MACO team goes on their first mission.
  • Lt. Janice Pelar goes into a trance and becomes unconscious.

Memorable quotesEdit

"The air is not toxic, Hutch. You can’t hold your breath forever."
— Dr. Johann Astian, talking to Lt. Donald Hutchby.

"Food need not ask questions!"
— Intendant Baas Ku-vuk, when he was finished talking with Commander Jack Keller.

"What is it, Hutch?"
"In my pocket...!"
"A hypospray!"
— Hutch discovers that he still has a hypospray on him, while Saunders is trying to find a way out of the cell.

"You don't need any medicine, Hutch. You're fine. This ship, on the other hand, needs to catch a cold."
"But what if its contagious! I might catch it! I'm very susceptible to that sort of thing, you know?"
"Only in your mind, Hutch, only in your mind."
— Saunders takes the hypospray away from Hutch.

"How'd you do that, Doctor?"
"I gave it a cold."
Lt. Colonel James Morgan questioned Dr. Kelly Saunders on how she escaped the Conglomeration holding cell.


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