The command division was the division of Starfleet that served as the command structure on board starships and starbases. The most senior members of the senior staff were usually, but not always, members of the command division.

Starfleet division colors Edit

22nd century 2230s
Yellow (ENT) Blue (2230s)
2240s-2250s 2250s 2265-2270s[1] Early 2270s[2] Late 2270s-2350s
Gold (2240s-2250s) Yellow (2250s) Yellow (TOS) White Shoulder (TMP) White Shoulder (TWOK)
Green (TOS) Yellow Shoulder (TMP)
2350s-2360s 2360s-2370s
service uniform
duty uniform
Red (Early TNG) Red (TNG) Red (VOY) Red (DS9)
2380s-2400s 2410
Red (2380s) Red (2410s) Grey

Alternate realities Edit

2250s 2390s 29th century
Yellow (STXI) Red (2390s) Blue (2800s)

Fan continuities Edit

Star Trek: Remington Edit

Red (DS9)
Lavender (DS9)
Black (DS9)

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  1. Command division personnel could also wear green uniforms.
  2. Command personnel wore white and helm and navigation personnel wore yellow.
  3. Command personnel wore red, flight personnel wore lavender and intelligence/security personnel wore black.

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