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While investigating an attack on a Federation colony, the USS Enterprise encounters Onabi, a woman with god-like powers.


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"At last we are underway, though I have mixed feelings knowing we are more than halfway through our five year mission. With Sulu at Starfleet for command training, the promotion of mister Chekov to head of security, and the return of my former yeoman as a newly commissioned officer, it seems the more things change... The more they stay the same."
Kirk's log entry
"Don't worry Kirk. Fortunately as long as we have the Onabi controlling this sector we feel reasonably sure that we won't be calling on you any time soon... At least not if we need anything in a hurry!"
— Director Strickland
"Captain, I do not recall previously viewing this representation.
What Spock?
The musical composition you have on display.
Oh, you mean the hymn. That belonged to my brother Sam. My mother gave it to he and Aurelan when they left for Deneva. What is it Spock?
I do not understand the words. Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost, but now I'm found. Was blind but now I see. Spock, it's about us. It's about what we're supposedly doing out here. Extending compassion to those in need. Saving the lost. Helping those people who can't help themselves and asking nothing in return.
But the song would seem to indicate a deity. Were it not the religious conflicts of your world that led your species to the brink of destruction?
Yes. But it's the ideal that survives.
Then the hymn is still relevant. I shall endeavor to study it further.
— A memorable exchange between Kirk and Spock

Background informationEdit

  • This is the first episode of Star Trek: New Voyages, which would be later renamed Phase II. It is not considered part of the regular series and is thus marked as episode number #00.
  • This episode is the only so far to display the title as simply New Voyages.
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