Come The High Water is a Star Trek fanfiction based on the original series but set in the alternate apocalyptic timeline known as The Ancient Destroyer Cycle. It is written by Rob Morris, and is meant to serve as a gateway story, explaining much of the cycle. It is set from 2255 to 2278, and features as its central character Section 31 agent Rene' West, played by Rene' Aubernojois in Star Trek 6 : The Undiscovered Country. It features mature themes and violence.

When a starship is lost in 2255, Colonel West begins a journey that leads him to a shocking eschatological discovery that he feels forces him to make a desperate choice. At the fringes of the Star Trek TOS timeline, he sees events unfold in this alternate reality, and lives with his choice and his new masters as best he can. But when his actions condemn an innocent child to a living hell, he is at last forced to confront what can and cannot be lived with.

The Ancient Destroyer Cycle contains characters and elements from the Godzilla series of films, and is a crossover with that series, though in an AU, and with not every story overtly showing these characters.

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