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Cole was the name of an agent of Section 31 charged with investigating the actions of a group of Human Augments led by Rhys Darcen in late-2374 and early-2375.

In 2374, Section 31 had created a genetically engineered virus based on streptococcus bacterium engineered by Doctor Sarina Kaur during Earth's 20th century and the deadly gene-disruptors known as Harvesters, used during the centuries long T'Lani-Kellerun wars. Section 31 learned how to re-create the Harvesters when Doctor Julian Bashir was in the agency's custody in an effort to recruit him. Section 31 had hoped to use this biological agent in the Dominion War, but later decided the potential long-term consequences would be too devastating. Darcen and his group of genetically engineered agents took samples of the virus. Cole was assigned to locate Darcen and learn his plans for the virus. (Star Trek: Lambda Paz: "Midnight Ride", "Religion To Do Good", "A Cause of Greater Worth")

To that end, Cole first arranged a meeting with Cardassian intelligence agent Thalek aboard Sentok Nor, where Cole learned that Darcen's group was residing on Tagra IV. Cole then recruited Doctor Aurellan Markalis of the USS Lambda Paz to infiltrate the group, posing as a black market dealer in biomimetic gel. ("Midnight Ride") When Markalis's cover was blown and she was taken hostage by Darcen, Cole provided Captain Limis Vircona with a means of infiltrating the Hideki class Cardassian patrol vessel Darcen commanded. ("A Cause of Greater Worth")

Cole was also known by the alias Casey Johns while serving as first officer of the USS Derna. Starfleet Intelligence had placed numerous agents aboard that ship, which had a mostly Bajoran crew, after an incident where Captain Lenaris Holem's previous second-in-command was found to be involved in an aborted terrorist attack. ("Midnight Ride", "Faces in the Crowd")

Whether or not he is the same Cole as in the DS9 novel Abyss has yet to be revealed.

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