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USS Enterprise Command Insignia

The Cochrane delta.

The Cochrane delta is the name given to the standard asymmetric energy-curve used by Zefram Cochrane to illustrate the energy expenditure in his theory of continuum distortion. (Star Trek novel: Federation)

At least in the 2230s, the assignment patch for the USS Kelvin was based on the Cochrane delta. (Star Trek)

In the mid-23rd century the Cochrane delta was adopted as the insignia of the Constitution-class USS Enterprise (Star Trek: The Original Series) before being applied to the whole of Starfleet in recognition of the Enterprise's successful mission. (Star Trek: The Motion Picture)

The Cochrane delta was still used as part of Starfleet's insignia well into the 29th century and its origin was still recognised during the 24th century. (VOY: "Relativity"; Star Trek: The Adventures of Argus)

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