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Coalition War
Date: 2381 onwards
Location: Oralian sector
Result: Unknown
United Federation of Planets, Oralian Peace Union, Romulan Star Empire So'ja Coalition, Breen Confederacy, Di'gan Order
Admiral Christopher Truman Chancellor Ar'kon, Tyson Calok
Starfleet Third Fleet, Starfleet Eighth Fleet, Starfleet Ninth Fleet 10 So'jan Command Groups, 1 Breen Fleet, 3 Di'gan Battle Groups, 5 Mass Drivers
2 planets (Fad, Minark), et al. Unknown
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Dominion War

The Coalition War was a conflict between the United Federation of Planets and So'ja Coalition beginning in 2381. Most of the combat/action took place in the Oralian sector and the surrounding regions. (Star Trek: Pioneer, Star Trek: New Horizons)

The Build Up (Pre-War)Edit



The city of Ka’fa, the Capital City of the So'ja, on the planet Ka'al from Star Trek: Pioneer

The So'ja Republic fell, giving rise to an anti-Federation government in the So'ja Coalition, causing tensions to rise between the two respective governments.

Key eventsEdit


Starfleet lost Starfleet Commander John Hayes to a prototype warp core malfunction, so a new commanding officer of Starfleet needed to be selected. During the selection process, some Starfleet officers, namely Admiral Dustin McCloud, expressed the inevitability of a conflict with the So'ja.

Key eventsEdit


OPU flag

Flag of the Oralian Peace Union

Tension continued to rise between the Federation and the So'ja Coalition. The election of a new Federation President complicated some matters; Korvin Mot was anti-war. During his inaugural address in San Francisco, the So'ja attempted to assassinate him. Their failure proved the initial spark for the start of the conflict. Meanwhile, the So'ja gained a new ally in Tyson Calok, who used is considerable knowledge of ancient technologies to assist in the construction of the Revenge-class battleships. The Romulan Star Empire warned the Federation about the disappearance of Commander L'mar and their suspicion of his involvement with the Coalition; His research in cloning had been put to use by Tyson Calok and the Coalition. However, the Federation did manage to make some headway in the Oralian sector with the formation of the Oralian Peace Union. The conference to debate the treaty which formed the OPU, was attacked by Tyson Calok, almost ending the formation. The lack of a so'jan diplomatic presence during the conference only added to suspicions.

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IRW Thrai



War between the United Federation of Planets and the So'ja Coalition official began after the Coalition attacked Deep Space Five during an extraction of the Okad Pahn clone-operative Jonathan Dutton. After which full hostilities begun. The So'ja began their move, continuing to increase their territory, with adapted Oppressor technology, such as Mass Drivers, preventing Starfleet from stopping them. With Tyson Calok's help, the So'ja signed a treaty with the Breen, creating a second front.

During the opening stages of the war, Captain Benjamin Kelsoe spent most of it as a prisoner of the Coalition, as he was abducted by So'ja during the Battle of the Trajan Nebula.

Key eventsEdit

STP saladin

The USS Saladin


Breen Ambassador Torr


The Ticonderoga


"Fall of the Apollo"


mass driver bombardment


mass driver impact

Minor eventsEdit


The war continued, though no major battles took place, just the constant advance by the Coalition. Near the end of the year, Tyson Calok and his So'ja allies were ready to make their move. The 3rd Command Group, under Calok's direct command, invaded Tealuian space and began an attack on the planet of Minark.

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