"Cloak of Deception" was the third episode in the first season of Star Trek: Artemis.


The Artemis is at Utopia Planitia for the final inspection. After rescuing the Essex at Romeo IV, her crew is expecting some well-earned liberty. Captain Hawk has the unfortunate task of telling them they have to turn around and go back. During the rescue of the Essex, Lieutenant Jason Finnagan found a tachyon trail, leading them to a cloaked ship. They didn't have time to investigate it or its connection to the attack on Romeo IV. Admiral Shelby gives Hawk their orders to find and stop the ship from raiding anymore stations. The Artemis follows the cloaked ship's trail until they find that the cloaked vessel has looped behind them. Artemis came to a full stop and went to red alert. Major Jedrek led a team of Marines over to the vessel once Artemis thought it was disabled. Once the Marines were aboard, the vessel fired an unknown weapon at Artemis. The unknown weapon disabled Artemis and allowed the cloaked ship, now identified as a Klingon Bird-of-Prey, to get away with the Marine team captured aboard.

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