Clark Terrell was a Federation Starfleet line officer on active duty in the 23rd century. (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan)

He was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 2233 and graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2254. (TOS e-novel The Darkness Drops Again)

The graduation year is the same as that of James T. Kirk.

By 2265, Terrell was executive officer of the Archer-class USS Sagittarius, then its commanding officer three years later. (VAN novels: Harbinger and Storming Heaven)

Captain Clark Terrell commanded USS Reliant during its search, in 2285, for an appropriate planetary body on which to test the Genesis device. In the Ceti Alpha system, Reliant's scans found a planet that seemed suitable -- until they found it was a former class-M world whose orbit had changed, resulting in the extinction of all higher forms of life. Ceti Alpha V was also where James T. Kirk had exiled the surviving Augments -- including Khan Noonien Singh -- from the SS Botany Bay in 2267. (TOS: "Space Seed")


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Terrell was already captain of Reliant in 2275, where his officers called him "Jellybelly" behind his back, due to his rotundity. (Orion Press: "The Blue Rose")


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