"Civilization" was the fifty-ninth episode of Star Trek: Phoenix-X. It was the ninth episode of the third season.


Lox wakes up one morning, inspired to do some good in his life. He secretly leaves the USS Phoenix-X and begins a project under Section 31 to bring back the extinct Eluvae alien species through cloning. But it isn't until it's too late that the Phoenix-X tracks down Lox on a planet dubbed Eluvae Part II, where the USS Ixion is supporting the Doctor: the head of the Eluvae Rejuvenation Organization create the life-forms. Before long, the New Eluvae show signs of anxiousness and displeasure with merely living on the planet. They then take action against the Doctor, and hijack the USS Ixion for themselves.

Memorable quotesEdit

"Look, you all don’t have to exact any revenge. Your purpose in life is to create your own purpose."

"The Federation created us, Captain! ...It is only fair we take one of your ships."

Background informationEdit

  • The Eluvae DNA samples that the Doctor used to create the New Eluvae were from the episode "Mosquito": in which the original Eluvae became extinct due to a widespread illness.
  • The USS Ixion is stolen and gets away at the end of the episode; leaving all the crew on the planet. It is not known whether a new vessel was launched or if the crew got re-assigned.

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Cut scenesEdit

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