A chronometric particle is a particle that in moderate to high concentrations can form a temporal vortex. They can also form a chronometric particle wave.

Captain John Greene informed the M'Tar Liaison the USS Prospect was firing an antipolaron burst at the USS Artemis's secondary hull to disperse a deadly build-up of chronometric particles in 2367. In reality, the Prospect's navigational deflector was emitting a coherent graviton pulse to disperse tetryons from an anomaly preventing them from transporting an away team back to the Prospect. (Star Trek: The Prospect Chronicles: "Lady Lazarus")

Greene was lying, so the Artemis was not in danger of forming a temporal vortex or chronometric particle wave.

In 2373, the Borg launched chronometric particles, opening a temporal vortex to the year 2063 in an attempt to stop humans from achieving warp drive and helping form the Federation. The USS Enterprise-E was also caught in the vortex and journeyed back to 2063, stopping the Borg from conquering Earth and saving the timeline. (Star Trek: First Contact)

There remains some confusion on what the difference between a chronometric particle and chroniton is, or if they are related.

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