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Zytmn Chromus, commonly referred to as "Chromus", was a Romulan envoy assigned to the UFS Arcadia in 2380 as an observer and ambassadorial representative of the Romulan Star Empire. A suspected (possibly former) member of the Tal Shiar, he was believed to have played a part in a political fiasco involving a Romulan attack on Khalindarian ruler Ankena. (Star Trek: Arcadia)

In 2386, Chromus returned to the Arcadia as a political exile, extirpated from the Romulan Republic, and resumed his old position. A hardliner loyal to the old Star Empire, he despised the democratic and cooperative turn Romulan government had taken.

On Star Trek: Arcadia, images of real-life actors represent characters. In this sense Chromus was "played" by actor Arnold Vosloo.

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Chromus at Arcapedia

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