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Christopher's Landing was a city on Titan, the most prominent Saturnian moon. (ST novel: Federation)

Established in 2052 by members of the second Titan expedition aboard the DY-400 vessel SS Stockholm, Christopher's Landing was Titan's colonial capital, and the home of the Christopher Institute, Enclave J-12, and the Titan Space Needle, among other important locations. (Last Unicorn Games RPG, Star Trek: Pendragon)

Earth Starfleet officer Perry O'Neil was born in Christopher's Landing on 21 November 2129. (Starfleet: The First Era)

Melissa Sturdevant, future commanding officer of both USS Avenger and Shadowstar Station, was born in Christopher's Landing in the early 23rd century. (Star Trek: Avenger; Star Trek: Shadowstar Station)

Jay Allan was born in Christopher's Landing on 22 January 2241. Six months later, his cousin Timothy Sinclair was born in Christopher's Landing on 22 June. (Star Trek: Pendragon, Kal-Dixas Spaceport)

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