Chloe Galarza was a female Human occupational therapist in Starfleet service during the 25th century. She was stationed onboard the USS Antechrist during its maiden flight. (Star Trek: False Vacuum)

Pre-Starfleet lifeEdit

Born in the Rivière-des-Prairies district of Montreal in 2384, Chloe attended the Denis Coderre Municipal Music School for high school, where she played tuba. Her end-of-year concert was held in the newest campus, designed by Florence Hémono.

Her desire to practice occupational therapy led her to attend the University of Pennsylvania for a dual MSOT/MBA degree, ending up with a MSOT degree from UPenn Bashir and a MBA from UPenn Wharton. (Star Trek: False Vacuum: "Asteroid Dusting")

The AntechristEdit

Originally assigned to distribute vacuum cleaners to the local population of Quendelton, Chloe had found the asteroid impact site to be a viable site for a luxury real estate project on Vrauzon. Because of this real estate project, she got into a cat fight with Anastasia Volzhin, digging up some painful memories of the latter's past at the Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy. For this real estate project, she received a complaint from the Fair Business Lyran Agency, for which Anastasia was challenged to a duel.

Out of guilt for the duel, and the complete failure of her real estate project, Chloe wanted to be stationed in Vrauzon, under Starfleet Intelligence service, despite her poor marksmanship that made her barely able to hit a human-sized target at 10 meters with a MD-11 disruptor rifle.

Production notesEdit

Due to the use of photomanipulation, she was "played" by Jennifer Kroschel, the physics administrative assistant at the University of Minnesota at the time of production.

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