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Geordi La Forge, served as chief engineer of the USS Enterprise-D and -E.

The chief engineer holds responsibility for all engineers and engineering duties aboard a starship or starbase. He or she must have a general knowledge of all technical workings to ensure his or her team are assigned to handle and complete engineering tasks competently.

The position holds a wide range of duties, including creating and maintaining shift rosters for relevant personnel and providing advice to the captain or senior officer on technical issues. As a member of the senior staff, he or she bears accountability for the ship's or station's performance.

Some chief engineers with lower-than-expected ranks can be promoted to chief engineer by a senior or commanding officer. For example, Miles O'Brien held the rank of chief warrant officer but was chief engineer of the USS Defiant (DS9: "The Search, Part I", et al). If the chief holds the rank of captain, then he/she would be known as the Captain of Engineering.

An old Earth term from the British navy renamed some Chief Engineers to the shortened term: "ChEng".

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