This page features the Rigellian Chelons. You may also be looking for the Vulcanoid Rigellians, or the species known as the Rigelians.

The Chelons (also known as Chelarians, or, generically, Rigellians) are a sentient race from the planet Rigel III. Chelon Ambassador Jetanian was a senior Federation diplomat in the mid-23rd century, and there was Chelon biologist who served aboard the USS Titan in the 2380s. (Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Last Unicorn Games, Decipher, Star Trek: Vanguard, Star Trek: Titan)


According to The Making of Star Trek: The Motion Picture and various magazine interviews with production staff, the Chelon were said to be descended from a race of saber-toothed turtles who learned to walk upright. They ranged in height from about 1.75 meters to 2 meters or more. Rigellians had attendants who served, fed, and cared for them. This gave the attendants the real power in Rigellian society. They only had one gender and reproduced by laying eggs. When worn, their armor served a mainly ceremonial function.

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