Charlotte Smith (Charlie as she is known by her family and friends) was a Cadet Trainees stationed on the starship USS Lexington (NCC-1709). (Star Trek: Lexington (fan film series))

Early life and careerEdit

Charlotte was on the Lexington by Brieanna Smith’s request. It took a lot for Brieanna to get Charlotte admitted into Starfleet Academy, then called in every favor she had to get her teenage sister assigned to the Lexington on a trial program where a few cadets would get on-the-job training almost exclusively on a starship. All this was done before Charlotte knew what she was getting into.

The Lexington missionsEdit

Charlotte, or "Charlie" as she prefers to be called, is very direct and to the point, as well and being forthright and strong willed. She’s also got the typical teenage affliction of being cocky and self-assured, as well as almost always worrying about her looks. Angie’s had a lot of influence on the teen, so Charlotte will dress a lot like Angie when off-duty. Charlotte has also been known to sing in public, much to the dismay of her sister, Brieanna Smith. However, her current pastime is boy-chasing, as with any other female teen of her age.

Family and personal lifeEdit

Charlotte grew up in Birmingham, Alabama as the youngest of four siblings; three sisters and a sole brother. Like her sister, she does not talk about her family much. The only thing for certain that we do know is Brieanna has raised her since she was two years old and has mostly lived in Los Angeles, California. Charlotte knows next to nothing about her real parents, as Brieanna won’t talk about them; nor do the two girls talk to their sisters or brother very much. Many times, it was only the two sisters together.


Unlike her sister Brieanna Smith, Charlotte’s had a successful love life as a teenager. In fact, there have been jokes about Charlotte changing boyfriends about like one changes socks. She almost always is hanging around some boy she finds cute, dates him for a short time, and then move on. She is very flirtatious when we first meet her and does become superficially involved with a couple of crew members. Despite living all over the world for most of her life, she’s got a sexy Southern accent which she uses to her advantage.


Background informationEdit


  • Charlotte Smith is very much unlike most women seen in Star Trek. She could be compared to the TNG character Wesley Crusher but is in no way anything like him. Still just a teenager at age 17, Charlotte will act like a teenager in the first couple of episodes but we will see her grow up quickly.

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