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The Emergency Medical Hologram Mark Twelve (EMH Mark XII), also known as Charlotte, is a Holographic program deployed on the USS Antechrist with the intention of providing assistance to Starfleet medical personnel in an emergency or to take command of said medical personnel if the Chief medical officer or Assistant Chief medical officer are unavailable and no one among the present medical personnel is assuming the leadership role in the absence of the Chief medical officer or Assistant Chief medical officer. (Star Trek: False Vacuum)


Since the Mark XII allowed users to personalize its appearance, and to be used in away missions, Daisy Pammant used Charlotte to revive Anastasia Volzhin from a stun incurred after a lengthy disruptor duel on the hussade pitch installed at Quendelton State University. (Star Trek: False Vacuum: "Asteroid Dusting")


"Please state the nature of the medical emergency."
— Charlotte (Upon activation)

Production notesEdit

Due to the use of photomanipulation, Charlotte is played by Charlotte Perrier, an undergraduate student at University of Montreal at the time of production.

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