The Cestus system borders the Federation and Gorn Hegemony. With four planets the system is a strategic staging area between the two governments. It was known to the Gorn as the Eliar system. (TOS: "Arena", TNG novel: Requiem)

The Cestus system was 400 light-years from the Sol system. It was about 35 light-years, in a spinward direction, from the Delta Triangle. (Star Trek Star Charts)

Settled by Federation during the late 23rd century the initial colony on Cestus III was destroyed by the Gorn, who considered the system part of their territory. By the 24th century the dispute over the system was resolved and the Federation had set up another colony on the third planet. (TOS: "Arena"; DS9: "Family Business")

In 2388 an meteor collision on Cestus IV caused it's orbit to shift, and settle in a new trajectory. Geological changes also changed the classification from Class Q to Class M. In 2389, dilithium deposits were found on Cestus IV. The system has 1 primary asteroid belt, and it's sun is a spectral A5V. The Cestus system is also the location of Starbase 140, and the Cestus Shipyards. (Star Trek: Generation Fleet)

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The Cestus system

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