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Major Cenn Desca was an officer of the Bajoran Militia aboard Deep Space 9 in 2376. He served as station commander in Colonel Kira Nerys's absence when the latter infiltrated Tahna Los's secret encampment in Cargo Bay 14 in order to discover what the Kohn-Ma's plans were. Cenn was later in Ops when renegade Cardassian troops entered in a failed attempt to seize the station. (Star Trek: War Aftermath: " The True Way")

When Bajor became part of the United Federation of Planets and the Bajoran Militia was integrated into Starfleet, Cenn chose not to join Starfleet. He served as Bajor's eyes and ears on the station as Bajoran liaison officer. (DS9 novella: Bajor:Fragments and Omens in Worlds of Deep Space Nine Volume Two)

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