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Starfleet (24th century)Edit

USS Dark GloryEdit

The USS Dark Glory was destroyed over Rochani III from space battles with the Vendoth battle cruiser, Cor'Mok, in 2364. The crews from both ships survived by beaming down to the planet and creating a small society, but wouldn't be discovered until the nearby, damaged, subspace relay station fixed itself, in 2384. ("Remnants")

Crew manifestEdit

USS Phoenix (NCC-65420) starshipsEdit

See: USS Phoenix (NCC-65420) starships

Starfleet (Distant future)Edit

USS Bluenose (29th century)Edit

The USS Bluenose, along with every other Starfleet vessel, lost all defensive systems during a Temporal Cold War battle in the 29th century, due to all ships' onboard computers being interconnected through subspace. ("Temporal Doom! Part III")

Klingon Defense ForceEdit

IKS Hou-LingEdit

The IKS Hou-Ling was a Klingon Bird-of-Prey commanded by Captain Sergio in the late 24th century. In 2358, the ship and crew found and adopted a Changeling, one of the hundred sent out by the Founders, who they named Shane. He unofficially joined the crew and was like a son to Sergio. In 2372, during the brief conflict with the Federation and the Klingon Empire, the Hou-Ling engaged in battle with the USS Phoenix, severely damaging the ship. In 2373, the Borg threatened the Hou-Ling with assimilation, but was spared when Shane offered half of his protoplasm in exchange for freedom. In 2376, the Hou-Ling was in conflict with a Carthaginian starship. They followed the Carthaginians into a Transwarp conduit where the Carthaginians destroyed the Hou-Ling - but before destruction, Shane was beamed off the ship by the Carthaginians. Sergio was on Risa during this encounter, and lived through his ship's destruction. ("The Bermuda Triangle Effect", "Retrieval", "Liquids Everywhere", "The Return of the Borg", "New Beginnings")

IKS KleckogunamEdit

The IKS Kleckogunam was a Klingon Negh'Var class with slightly more advanced systems than the traditional Klingon vessel. It worked for Imperial Intelligence and was commanded by General Verticon. Verticon was a General who was more focused on the advancement of Klingon technology and was interested in developing a secret organization that was the Klingon equivalent of the Federation's Section 31. In 2382, the Kleckogunam was able to detect the Phoenix-X while it was cloaked. ("Spider Agencies, Part II")

Cardassian UnionEdit


The Scorpion was a Galor class starship the late 24th century, until a major refit, in 2377. It was commanded by Tellus who plotted to go back in time and save his uncle, Meloneus, from death. During this crisis, the Scorpion was temporarily commanded by Karette, whom maintained a standoff with the Phoenix-X while Tellus was time-traveling. The Cardassian government claimed to have nothing to do with the Scorpions' actions at the time. Eventually, when Meloneus returned, Meloneus took over command of the ship. The Cardassian government then exiled Tellus and Meloneus for these actions. ("Secret Shuttles, Part II")

The ship was later refit with advanced technologies, after joining the Fragma Alliance. Unfortunately, after Meloneus pit the ship against the Phoenix-X in battle, the Fragma Alliance decided Meloneus was an insult to their Alliance and chased Meloneus and the Scorpion away. ("BaKardi Slang") The Scorpion was soon destroyed by these pursuers in the Vlugta asteroid field, with Meloneus and his crew escaping on escape pods. ("The Nemesis Factor")


The Tarak was Gul Meloneus' starship, and was in battle with a Romulan starship sometime in the 2360s. A distress call was sent out, which was answered by the USS Xena - however, despite the help from the Xena, Meloneus turned against them in favor of salvaging the Romulan starship for himself. ("Missed the Mishap")

In 2374, the Tarak was engaged into battle with the Phoenix-X, ultimately losing. The Tarak was then towed to Federation space. ("Missed the Mishap")

Mirror universeEdit


The Kleckogunam was a Klingon Bird-of-Prey operating under the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance and was commanded by General Verticon. In 2383, it rendezvoused with the hijacked and renamed Norway class vessel, the ISS Phoenix-X, for integration within the Alliance. ("Broken Pieces")

This is a list of starships from non-canon species in Star Trek: Phoenix-X.

Additional ships: Trozonian EmpireEdit


The Gelomira was a generational warship from the other side of the Milky Way Galaxy. It traveled 248 years to the Alpha Quadrant in order to destroy all life on Earth. In 2375, it attacked Federation defenses, but was eventually destroyed when the USS Phoenix-X redirected the ship into the sun. The ship had the ability to fire a weapon specifically harmful to select species. ("Bio Level 4")

Additional ships: Rockono GalaxyEdit


The Xoleras was a vessel from the Rockono Galaxy, a galaxy on a shifting parallel dimension that was destined to collide with the Milky Way Galaxy. It had the technological ability to transport between dimensions. Years ago, its inter-dimensional technology was somehow stolen by aliens, locking the Xoleras half-way between dimensions, enough to be invisible, and enough that its energy weapons could be effective in either dimension. In 2377, the Carbonyte and the USS Phoenix-X came under attack by the Xoleras when they found its inter-dimensional device. ("Ghost Face Killah")

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