The Catchon-class interceptor was a type of starship on active duty in Starfleet service in the late 23rd and early 24th centuries.

Catchons were designed as dedicated warships, similar in mission profile to perimeter action ships. Unlike the perimeter action ships, they were capable of longer missions. (Cf. Dupleix-class perimeter action ships [Starfleet Prototypes], introduced 15 years later in the 2290s, which massed only 123,000 tonnes to the Catchon class's 127,000 tonnes and combined high-warp maneuverability with the longer mission durations of interceptors.)

Armaments consisted of 6 phaser banks (of two each) and 6 photon torpedo bays. The latter were mounted directly to the dual warp nacelles attached to the primary hull via a dorsal section. Two bays, above the nacelles, were forward-firing; the other four bays fired fore and aft and were mounted beneath the nacelles.

The standard crew complement of a Catchon-class interceptor was 352, which included two 5-person teams of surface action specialists . More of the latter could be carried aboard, depending on mission requirements.

The construction of 25 of the class was authorized in October, 2270. The lead ship of the class was commissioned ca. 2272 or 2273. (Jackill's Starfleet Reference Manual: Ships of the Fleet, vol. 1 [revised])

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