Cashiering is a military discipline measure for grave sanctions, usually reserved for commissioned officers and above. It involves demotion of the individual so penalized to the rank of crewman (or private), stripping him/her of any and all honors he/she may have received, and breaking up all symbols of authority. Cashierment is most often part of the penalty assigned in general courts-martial, and accompanies a "shameful" (dishonorable) discharge from the ranks of the service in which the individual has served.

Cashiering did not exist in the Lyran Starfleet; it was replaced by a variety of tortures, like being repeatedly tasered. (Star Trek: The Stoneship Files: "Cruchitude Dump")


The term "cashiering" originated in the United Kingdom in the 17th century, where ground officers effectively purchased commissions. For an officer to be cashiered meant, in that context, forcing him to forfeit all the money he had spent attaining his rank as well as demoting him.

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