Caroline Laplante was a Klingon-made hologram and was a character of the holographic program Tuition Crisis that informed the executives of the mathematics students' union of the picketing prowess of the PHYSUM herself gone picketing shortly thereafter. (Star Trek: The Stoneship Files: "Rode the 300")

She oversaw the strike vote of the PHYSUM that would make it go on unlimited general strike, upgrading their status from renewable weekly. (Star Trek: The Stoneship Files: "The Defector")


Like the other characters in Tuition Crisis, they were modeled in photomanipulation by their real-world counterparts, all studying at the University of Montreal at the time of the production. She was a physics student, just like Yvan Ung (real world) at the time of the 2012 Quebec student strike, and she was even the treasurer of the PHYSUM at the time of the 2012 PHYSUM strike.

Academic backgroundEdit

  • 2014- MSc in physics, University of Montreal (Supervisor: François Schiettekatte)
  • 2014 MSc (aborted) in physics, Queen's University (Supervisor: A.J. Noble)
  • 2010-2013 BSc (Hons) in physics, University of Montreal

In actuality, Caroline graduated one semester after both Joanie Martineau and Yvan (winter vs. fall).

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