Commander Carl Stoeffles is the chief science officer and recently promoted first officer of the USS Justice and has been known to rub other members of the crew the wrong way, especially Chief Engineer Robert Lupia. (Tales of the Seventh Fleet)

Early life and careerEdit

Carl Stoeffles was born in North America, Earth in 2258. He would join Starfleet and began his career in 2276. During his 20-year career in Starfleet, he served on only one ship, but several starbases.

The Pre-Justice missionsEdit

Carl Stoeffles was a Planetary Scientist on Starbase 24.

The Justice missionsEdit

In 2289, Lt. Cmdr. Carl Stoeffles joins the USS Justice as Science Officer.

Memorable quotesEdit

"I think we made it mad."
— Stoeffles thinking out loud ("Return to Doomsday")
"Would you believe that we’re here to make snow angels?"
— Stoeffles to captors ("A Touch of Home")


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