The Cardassian Sourcebook was a sourcebook detailing the Cardassian people.

After Last Unicorn Games closed their doors, several supplements that were in their pipeline were scrapped. Among these was Iron and Ash, a supplement detailing the Cardassians. When this box set was scrapped, some users at the web site came together and created a fan-created sourcebook dedicated to these favorite DS9 adversaries. The sourcebook was released in 2004, for free in PDF format. The first book examines the Cardassian physiology, culture, education, history, technology, ships and language as never before. The second book contains the RPG mechanics for integration into a LUG game. Together, they comprise over 150 pages with all-original artwork.

The Cardassian Sourcebook was edited by Kevin Thomas, and written by Tim Cooke, Jon Crew, Steve Kenson, Eric Rush, Guy Schipp, Paul Sinclair, Alexander Skrabut, Gregory J. Smith and Kevin Thomas.

Several of the Cardassian ranks established in Iron and Ash were used in Pocket Books' Terok Nor novel trilogy, Fearful Symmetry and The Never-Ending Sacrifice.


  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: The Cardassian People
  • Chapter 3: Cardassian History
  • Chapter 4: The Cardassian Union
  • Chapter 5: The Central Command
  • Chapter 6: The Obsidian Order
  • Chapter 7: Technology
  • Chapter 8: Starships
  • Chapter 9: Cardassia Prime
  • Appendix A: Spacedock Ships

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