The captain's wine cellar was a starship section that usually contained all the alcohol carried for the use of the captain (or, in some instances, for the entire crew) for special occasions. Depending on the ship, it could range from a simple cupboard containing no more than a few dozen bottles to an entire room containing several hundreds, or even thousands, of bottles of alcoholic beverages.

RIS BouteinaEdit

The wine cellar also a feature present on the Norexan-class ships. Because the Tal Prai'ex was usually more present on diplomatic and first contact functions than the regular Romulan Star Navy was, the Tal Prai'ex felt necessary to have high standards of comfort and, as such, had all Norexans equipped with wine cellars. However, on the RIS Bouteina, it contained far more types of alcohol than wines: it contained several varieties of each of the following drinks: bloodwine, firewine, Hydran wine, mead, Meridor, as well as the ubiquitous beer. (RIS Bouteina: "Just Cause")

Star Trek: The Cantabrian ExpeditionsEdit

The captain's wine cellar was the term USS Cantabrian commanding officer Noah Wrightson labeled the collection of wines and champagne he had aboard for diplomatic functions.

In 2372, Wrightson told Cantabrian counselor Daniel Radke they would have to try a bottle from the Captain's wine cellar if Wrightson recovered from CACS. Radke, in turn, asked if the wine cellar was in the Cantabrian's basement. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions: "Isolation")

One would assume the "wine cellar" would be an actual room on the ship, storing wine and other bottled drinks for special occasions.

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