"Canricians" is the third episode of the third season of the Star Trek: Valkyrie audio series.


After an antimatter explosion is detected on the planet Delta Shylon II, the Valkyrie is sent to investigate.

Main castEdit

Guest starringEdit

  • John Kilgallon as Dr. Folandra
  • Denis Roma as General Frosis
  • David Ault as Admiral Toren
  • Steve Stevers as the Eridus pilot
  • Val Kilgallon as CAPCOM
  • Terry Self as the Public Address Announcer
  • Tina Anderson as Nurse 1
  • Amy Hicks as Nurse 2



"As a scientist, I've spent my life not living in fear of the unknown, but rather relishing the chance to learn!."
— Folandra
"The Romulan attack was a warning, to keep away. I for one don't believe in giving in to threats."
— Stanfield


antimatter; Romulan; USS Valkyrie (NCC-2590)

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