A Camelyon male
Planet: None
Government: Rift Tribes
Form of Government: Tribal
Formation: Synoecism
Location: Great Barrier Rift, The Nothingness
Legislature: The Council
Currency: Barter
Affiliation: Kai Imperium

The Camelyons or Rift Ghosts are a nomadic species that live in part of Oralian sector known as the Nothingness and within the gaseous phenomena known as the Great Barrier Rift. The crew of the USS Pioneer encountered them while on a mission to deliver Federation Special Envoy Dr. Lucus Kesar to an Alkanden outpost. (Star Trek: Pioneer: "The Nothingness")


A highly advanced race of "super" humanoids. Most of their species live on huge space stations within the Great Barrier Rift. To the Kai and other races who are able to travel through the Great Barrier Rift, the Camelyons are known as Rift Ghosts. Camelyons' can teleport themselves over great distances by using their telepathic and telekinetic powers. Their skin can fold over their mouths, allowing them to breath in space.

A general tactic of a Camelyon attack is similar to what {Japanese fighter pilots did during World War II, which was called a Kamikaze attack. They do not use shields on their ships; to protect their ship from an enemy bombardment, several Camelyon will jump out into space and collide with the torpedoes before they reach their ship's hull. Other than this, their is no known way to kill them.


The males and females both stand roughly 4'8" to 5'8".

Their skin is a pale grey in coloration in general, but Camelyons have been known to exhibit some rudimentary chameleon coloration changes (just enough to change their entire body to green or blue or other similar colors, not enough to have different colors at the same time). Their skin is fairly pliable and flexible, and their collapsible bone structure and semi-liquid organs allow them to alter their size just enough to slip into tight spaces or take up more room to block a passageway.

Their hair is usually either a brilliant shade of white, or a drab shade of grey, although they cannot grow facial hair (due to the ability to overlap their skin across their mouths).

Their hands are odd in the fact that they have two fingers and two thumbs, which allows them to grasp things with much more dexterity and agility. Their feet have only four toes, but exhibit two big toes and two smaller ones in the middle. Their limbs tend to be long when the Camelyons do not contort them with their flexible nature.

The Camelyons show eyes that are generally thin and lidded like an alligator (they close sideways and with two lids that meet in the middle), and the coloration tends towards black but can develop a milky coloration to them.

Notable CamelyonsEdit

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