Calibus VII was a colony world which was visited by James T. Kirk, Spock and Leonard McCoy in 2273, by shuttle. McCoy was to be honored for recent work in curing the Appalian viral pox, which had been ravaging the system for months, but upon arrival, the group was attacked by undead-like colonists under a hybrid cybernetic-human infection, retracted from robots created by researchers Williams and Britt. Using data Britt gave to Williams, in order to create the robots, McCoy reverse-engineered a cure and, despite Britt returning and attempting to stop them, Spock built crude rockets and launched the cure into the atmosphere for areal distribution. The colonists returned to sanity but the cure did not reverse their rotted, grey-skinned physical changes. Kirk declared General Order 7, quarantining the planet until a more effective cure could be developed: something McCoy pledged not to stop working on. (Star Trek: Infestation: Issue 1 & 2)

In 2410, Avery stole a Pach-class Bird-of-Prey during the Kot'baval Festival and took it to Calibus VII in order to cultivate the same virus. His modifications to the virus included a technological aspect in which any carrier would create a dampening field. After his work, he then allowed himself to be captured by the IKS B'Cnah, knowing they would hand him over to the USS Phoenix-X. He infected both ships, crippling them until being saved by the USS Zephyra. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "STO Halloween")

It is unclear whether General Order 7 had been lifted by this time.

Viral legacyEdit

After the Iconian War, the crew of the Phoenix-X turned crippling sick, once again, from what Oroku Seifer suspected was connected to the Calibus VII virus they were previously infected by. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "Captain's Log": Part IV) This was later determined to be a reactivation of a dormant state of the virus within its previously cured holders, brought on by the cross-reality psyionics of the alternate reality Nibiru. ("Nibiru")

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