Caedin was a Betazoid/human hybrid born in the late 24th century at Enclave J-12 on Titan. He was created through genetic splicing and an artificial gestation process, as part of the Enclave's attempts to revive Project Erion. His biological "parents" were Jacob and Ilanna Sinclair, making him the brother of Timothy Sinclair. After his departure from the Enclave, he lived under numerous aliases, and later took the name Caedin Jacobs, adopting his father's first name as his surname. (Star Trek: Pendragon: "Counterpoint", "Odyssey", "The Hand of God")

Caedin's name is reminiscent of Sir Kay, the foster brother of Arthur Pendragon. According to production notes for Star Trek: Pendragon, the word caedin means "companion" in the Betazoid language. In photomanipulations for Star Trek: Pendragon, Caedin was played by James McAvoy.

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