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The CWS Revenge was a Revenge-class battleship commissioned in the So'jan 3rd Command Group. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

In 2381, the construction of the Revenge was completed under the supervision of Commander L'mar and Tyson Calok. It was the first so'jan vessel to incorporate Romulan technology. Tyson Calok adopted the ship as his base of operations. ("Prime Target")

Since its construction and commission, the Revenge has been constantly upgraded and tweaked by Tyson Calok with his own weaponry and power sources, such as the Plasma beam.

In 2382, Tyson Calok manipulated Ar'kon into naming Colonel Ba'dal the commanding officer of the Revenge and the rest of the 3rd Command Group. Calok and L'mar snuck aboard the ship, and took control of the 3rd Command Group. Calok would later command the Revenge during the Battle of Minark. ("For Better or Worse", "Torment and Woe")

In early 2383, Calok had the Revenge outfitted with a cloaking device. ("The Forgotten Planet")

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