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With the USS Geronimo finally underway for it's exploration of the HoMoh sector, Captain Lewis insists that it is time the crew get some sleep. However, this becomes more of a problem than a solution to stress, when environmental controls overload and the majority of the crew quarters are filled with laughing gas, preventing their use. With only two cabins now available, the crew argue over who gets what bunk. There is more trouble when Helmsman Teben is ordered to share the XO quarters with Commander Kaialin, who is secretly attracted to Teben, resulting in an awkward situation. Exasperated, Lewis decides to just camp outside in the corridor and gets a little sleep, after ordering "lights out". A little while later Teben sneaks out of his room and tries to get back into his old quarters, confident that he can handle the laughing gas. It overwhelms him, however, and he becomes intoxicated.

Meanwhile, the Geronimo arrives at the edge of the HoMoh sector and the crew make their way to the bridge for a look outside. The ship's entire air supply, however, has become contaminated from the laughing gas mixed with an intoxicating compound and most of the crew begin to act oddly. Kaialin vomits over the Captain's chair, Chief of Security Sam starts firing a phaser rifle all over the bridge but Teben causes the most trouble by sitting on the helm console, which causes the ship to rock and at warp speed, puts it in danger of ripping up. Lewis and Dr. Victor Ludwig are the only crew members not affected too much and rush down to Engineering, manually flushing out the laughing gas and restoring atmosphere to normal.

On the bridge, everyone suffers an from a painful headache, but Teben manages to hold the ship on course. When Lewis and Ludwig arrive back at the command center, Kaialin, Teben and Sam have no memory of what happened due to their intoxication. Lewis cryptically remarks that they went "a bit nuts". On course for the first planet to explore, Lewis orders everyone back to the now clean and fresh crew quarters for some sleep. They have a big day tomorrow... (Star Trek: Redemption)

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