"Broken Pieces" was the seventy-seventh episode of Star Trek: Phoenix-X. It was the twenty-seventh episode of the fourth season. It was the only episode so far to feature an alternative main character (Mirror Universe) cast instead of the original crew.


The Mirror Universe crew of the Phoenix-X are brought back to the present before their deaths in the past, when a Talarian male named Rein transforms into an omnipotent being. But things are looking bad, when the crew decide to take control over the Talarians and raid a nearby Federation starship.

Memorable quotesEdit

"So it appears that we have returned to life, like the petaQ's that we are!"
"What the gre'thor? You're insulting yourself now.
Targon (mirror) and Grath (mirror)
"We Klingons are a lying race. One day you will learn that."
Red (mirror)

Background informationEdit

  • This episode serves as the sequel to the episode "Pure Evil". It also takes place after, and references events in the episode "Mirrorlyness!".
  • Rein is the first omni'X to naturally achieve pure X status. This is a turning point in X Continuum back story as the X Continuum is actually and finally created.

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