Brieanna Smith ("Brie" to her friends and family) was the Assistant Chief Engineer of the starship USS Lexington. (Star Trek: Lexington (fan film series))

Early life & careerEdit

Brieanna Smith is unlike most people we have seen in Star Trek®. Despite her small size and quiet demeanor, she has become one of the best starship engineers in the Fleet, right beside Captain William Gee and Captain Montgomery Scott. In fact, she has been compared to both engineers in raw talent and sheer knowledge of starship design, repair, and functions. She is very direct and to the point, as well and being forthright and strong willed.

The Lexington missionEdit

Like Bill, Brieanna can be found tinkering with the Lexington's systems to make the ship nearly 100% operational; and like Bill, she has earned numerous awards and more than one of her ideas have become a Fleet-wide standard.

While Bill might say Engineering is his kingdom, Brieanna feels she is the one who keeps it all going. "Alex may be the captain and Bill the chief engineer, but this is *my* ship," she's been heard to say many times. She is personally offended when the ship is damaged in some way.

Family and personal lifeEdit

Brieanna grew up in Birmingham, Alabama in a family with three other siblings; two sisters and a sole brother. She does not talk about her family much, leaving people to wonder what has happened between them and her. The only things for certain that we do know is that she’s upset with father and her mother died while giving birth to the youngest, Charlotte. She has raised Charlotte which gives her some very strong determination, drive, and her willpower.


Brieanna's had a rough love life. Her determination to succeed in a career and the thought of being dependent on a man has made it very difficult for her to date anyone. At this time, she’s not looking for anything… she’s quite content to be working on the Lexington more than anything else. To say that she could be in love with her ship may be accurate. She is attractive however her assertive nature and love for her work has put a long term relationship on hold. At this time, she has more important things to do.

We are not sure if Brieanna's parents are alive but she's taken her sister, Charlotte on the Lexington to raise.


  • Engineering Design Intern, Enterprise Refit Project, NCC-1701 (2271-73)
  • Impulse Engineering Specialist, Lexington Test Project, NCC-1709 (2273-74)
  • Junior Engineering Officer, USS Constitution, NCC-1700 (2274-78)
  • Engineering Officer, USS Constellation II, NCC-1017 (2278-81)
  • Assistant Chief Engineer, USS Columbia, NCC-2001 (2281-84)
  • Assistant Refit Engineer, USS Lexington, NCC-1709 (2284-87)
  • Assistant Chief Engineer, USS Lexington, NCC-1709 (2287-present)

Background informationEdit

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