The Brickworks series were a series of holographic novels written by Relm. It would be best described as a series of spaghetti westerns.

For a Ton of BricksEdit

For a Ton of Bricks was the first holonovel in the series, released in 2384. It was noted that the subjective mode allowed to change the main character. Annika Hansen was known to remember only one line from this holonovel. (RIS Bouteina: "Distress Call")

Relm gave Golar an advance copy of the holonovel. (RIS Bouteina: "Marianela")


In a time of great crisis, the only functional industry in the fictional town of New New Orleans is a brickworks. However, the owner of the brickworks died with no children, leaving only his wife to whom to inherit the brickworks. However, two worker factions are fighting one another to seize control of the town. The mayor of the town risks everything to settle the labor dispute: his safety, his job, even his life.

Memorable quotesEdit

"Tu es tellement LOURDE!"
— The winner of the pistol duel to his prize

For a Few More BricksEdit

For a Few More Bricks was the second holonovel in the series, also released in 2384. As for its prequel, it was defaulted to the subjective mode when played. However, unlike its prequel, the Triple-E Senates composed the music. (RIS Bouteina: "Declaration of Warcraft")


After having saved the town from criminals, the mayor of the town decides to use his/her popularity (once again, it's the main character) to run for the office of State Senator. However, the main opponent for the office is a notorious criminal. A professionnal bounty huntress is on the lookout for that criminal, but they don't always agree. Once they have consulted the law, they could go search for that criminal together, even going so far as to hire the bounty huntress as his/her campaign manager.

Memorable quotesEdit

"Let's rebuild our county!"
— The main character's electoral slogan

Wild Wild SenateEdit

Wild Wild Senate was the third and last holonovel in the series, released in 2385. Once again, subjective mode was the order of the day, along with Triple-E Senates-made music. It was premiered in the honeymoon of Pazzo and Zetra. (RIS Bouteina: "Redshirt Distribution")


After an astounding victory for the office of State Senator, the former mayor of New New Orleans (the main character) introduces a bill aimed at aiding the farmers who were pillaged during the American Civil War. The program itself proves to be quite expensive: $200,000 for the time. However, the Senator and his wife (or husband) takes part in a stakeout attempt to recapture a stagecoach that failed, of which the only cavalry survivors were only the Senator and his wife.

Memorable quotesEdit

"The Senate will lead us into battle! We will win!"
— The cavalrymen's war cry

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